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Civil wire and cable purchase knowledge


Civil wire and cable purchase knowledge Civil wire and cable purchase knowledge (a), wire surface mark according to national standards, the surface of the wire factory name, product model and rated voltage continuous mark. This is conducive to the use of wire problems occur in time to find manufacturers, consumers in the purchase of wire must pay attention to this point. At the same time, consumers should pay attention to the certificate is marked on the manufacturer name, product type, rated voltage and wire surface printing signs are consistent in the purchase of wire, to prevent counterfeit products. (two), consumers should pay attention to the appearance of the wire wire appearance should be smooth in the purchase of fan wire, insulation and sheath damage, mark clear print, non greasy Shoumo wire. From the cross section of the wire, the insulation or sheath thickness of the entire circumference of the wire should be uniform, should not be biased, insulation or sheath should have a certain thickness. (three) wire conductor line consumers in the purchase of wire should pay attention to the conductor line is consistent with the certificate on the cross section, if the conductor section is too small, easy to cause the wire heating caused short circuit. Recommended home lines with 1.5 square millimeters and above specifications; and other power with a larger household should use more than 2.5 square millimeters and specifications of wire. (four) should be standardized and standardized use of fixed line wiring, the best use of BV single core wire wear tube, be careful not to damage the wires in the wiring, don’t damage the wire in the middle; not in a joint line; wire access electrical box (box) don’t touch line; another large power consumption of household appliances such as air conditioning should be a single line power supply; the best to maintain a certain distance from the weak and strong with wire.

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